DIY Roof Repairs for Homeowners

DIY Roof Repairs for Homeowners

  • Choosing the Right Material for Framing a New House

    If you're having a new home built, you may need to decide on the material for the frame. While your contractor can help you determine the best choice for you, it's good to ensure you know the differences in the materials that are commonly available. After all, you'll be the one paying for the materials and the one to live in the house once it's built. Note some important factors about the three most common materials used for framing a house.

  • 3 Signs You May Need a New Roof for Your Home

    When your home's roof has a big gaping hole in the middle of it, then of course you need to call for repair or replacement. However, a big gaping hole is not the only sign that your roof needs repair or replacement, and knowing the signs of needed repair to your roof can ensure you get those repairs done as quickly as possible. This can keep other building materials from being damaged and keep you from needing more extensive repairs down the road.

  • Half round Gutter Installation Tips

    Controlling rainwater is paramount in a home. It can lead to havoc when the moisture catalyses the formation of mould or weakens your foundation. This makes it a priority to be capable of capturing and controlling rainwater in the home. Gutters have been used to trap this water from the roof. However, you need to be informed in order to install them properly. You need to be aware of a couple of factors to avoid mistakes.

  • Why Should a Roofing Contractor Be Biased in Favor of Colorbond Roofing Sheets?

    The use of Colorbond roofing is popular among homeowners and roofing contractors alike. This article discusses why you, as a roofing contractor should have a soft spot for this roofing material. It is Lightweight The light nature of Colorbond roofing makes it very easy to design a roof engineering plan. This is because there are no design complications regarding the weight of the roof when it is dry versus when it is wet.

  • 3 Situations In Which You Would Need a Roof Plumber

    Plumbers are typically known for the work they do fixing leaks and bursts pipes, but rarely do most people think of them climbing on roofs to do their job. Well, a roof plumber does just that. For those who are not exactly sure what a roof plumber does, or why you would ever need one, here are some situations that may arise that will call for this kind of professional.

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