DIY Roof Repairs for Homeowners

DIY Roof Repairs for Homeowners

Don't Overlook These Factors When Deciding on a New Commercial Roof

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When a commercial building needs a new roof, you want to consider your options carefully as the work will probably be a very large financial investment for you. This doesn't mean you want to choose the cheapest roofing material available, but should note a few important factors when making your decision beyond price alone. Note a few of those factors here so you can ensure you opt for the best new commercial roof for your building.

1. Lifespan and resale value

If you're thinking of selling your commercial building a few years down the road, you may think that a cheaper roofing material with a shorter expected lifespan would be an acceptable option. However, note that the condition of the roof of a building can easily affect its overall resale value, as a new buyer may not want to invest in money for roof repairs right after moving in. Don't assume a very cheap roof that will be falling apart when you're ready to move out will actually save you money, as you may then lose money by only getting low offers from buyers, if any at all.

2. Resistance and durability

When choosing roofing material for a commercial building, you may need to consider how resistant that roof is to chemicals and other such exposure, depending on how the building is used. In a production facility, chemicals that are released and even excess heat can damage certain roofing tiles. You also need to consider the durability of a roof according to your climate and weather conditions; in areas prone to high winds, metal sheets may be less likely to tear away than asphalt shingles, and replacing those shingles along a large commercial roof can wind up to be very costly after every storm in your area. 

It's also good to note how often the roof needs to be accessed and walked on; if your air conditioning compressor is on the roof, this can mean more foot traffic for maintenance and repairs. Some types of roofing materials will stand up better to increased foot traffic than others, so be sure to keep this in mind.

3. Eco-friendly

Many businesses today advertise as being very eco-friendly, and if you're concerned about the environment, remember this when choosing roofing materials. Asphalt shingles can be recycled but this requires tremendous amounts of heat to melt them down, whereas metal sheeting can be simply cut for reuse. A roofing material with a higher insulating value will mean less energy usage for utilities, so note this when considering an eco-friendly choice for your roof.  

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