DIY Roof Repairs for Homeowners

DIY Roof Repairs for Homeowners

Common roofing mistakes to avoid

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A re-roofing project is an expensive venture and cutting corners may seem like the best way to save both time and money. This is what leads people astray and they end up suffering the pricey consequences of ignorance. There are some minor oversights that you may not take into account, but they can lead to serious consequences. Here are some of the common problems that you have to avoid:

Pressure washing your roof

If your neighbours just got a brand new roof that made yours look like an old dirty rug, you don't want to fight back by pressure washing. For a shingle roof, the washing removes the asphalt granules which are required to guard your home and prevent leaks. And once those are gone, you'll be looking for a new roof in a matter of time. If you can't buy a new roof, contact a professional to lay down the options for you. You can have people inspect and clean it, but pressure washing is not an option.

Using poorly installed or reused flashing

The metal flashing covering your roof is designed to keep moisture from seeping into the home via critical areas such as roof valleys and chimneys. Flashing needs to be installed adequately in these areas to keep the moisture from rotting the timber. If it's improperly overlapped or misaligned, then your roof won't be able to protect you from the harsh effects of snow, ice or rain. Ensure your flashing is installed with the U-shape facing the valley and tucked below the shingles rather than on top of them.

Additionally, during re-roofing, it may be tempting to reuse old flashing, particularly if it's in such good condition, but this is just a call for trouble. The flashing may wear down or get damaged during the installation and you are going to be using a lot more money to fix the damage.

Using fastenings incorrectly

What will give your roof a long lifespan is the underlayment, decking and proper attachment of the shingles. Using very short nails to fasten these shingles leads to their loosening. This can further cause them to shift and enhance the need for premature replacements and repairs. So ensure your fastener length is adequate to keep your shingles tight enough—and to save your pocket from future repair trouble.

Also, watch out on how you place your nails. Leaving their heads exposed to moisture and sunlight will hasten their corrosion so you'd be much better off placing them beneath the shingles.

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