DIY Roof Repairs for Homeowners

DIY Roof Repairs for Homeowners

Surprising Facts About Timber Frames Most Homeowners Don't Know

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When looking at homes for sale or when having a new home built, you will want to consider the material used for the frame of a home. Standard wood studs are typical and they're very sturdy, but timber frames offer many advantages that most homeowners don't even realize. If you like the look of a timber-framed home but still aren't sure if it's the right choice for you, consider a few surprising facts about timber frames that might make the decision easier.

1. Timber frames are very fire-resistant

This fact might surprise many homeowners, since they often assume that all wood is highly flammable. In truth, timber frames are very dense so that there is little air inside of them. Fire needs oxygen to burn and when it reaches a dense material of any sort, this can cause it to simply die out.

If a fire were to start in your home and reach the timber frames, it may then simply die out on its own. This can mean less property damage as your home is unlikely to completely burn to the ground when you choose a timber frame, and it also makes it easier for firefighters to extinguish the blaze since it becomes so weak when it reaches the timber frame.

2. Timber frames support the weight of the house

Most timber-framed homes have a very open floor plan, with few walls constructed. This is because the timber frames are strong enough to hold the entire weight of the house. This means that there is little need for load-bearing walls and crossbeams in the home.

Choosing a timber-framed house can give you the freedom you need when it comes to your floor plan. You can keep it completely open so that it's bright and airy and good for entertaining, or you can construct walls where they suit your needs and not where they must be placed to hold up the weight of the home.

3. Timber frames are energy-efficient

Because of their density, timber frames act as an insulator for a home. There is very little temperature transfer between the interior and exterior of your home when you choose a timber frame, so you may need to use your utilities less often in order to heat or cool your home. The timber frames also hold in the warm or cool air when you do run your furnace or air conditioning so that this air doesn't escape and in turn, your appliances run less often to keep your home comfortable.

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