DIY Roof Repairs for Homeowners

DIY Roof Repairs for Homeowners

Four Roofing Solutions for Eco-Friendly Homes

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Green living generally starts in the home and then radiates out to other aspects of your life and living environment. One of the ways you can extend your eco-friendly and green lifestyle is to upgrade aspects of your home to a greener option.  Your roof may the one spot that leaves you wondering how to incorporate your green lifestyle.  Here are four roofing solutions that may help.

Reclaimed Timber Shingles

Using recycled timber shingles offers several benefits for both your home and for the environment. When you use recycled timber, you are avoiding using new timber that has not yet matured. Reclaimed timber has likely already been exposed to weather conditions that have allowed it to contract and expand over time. This movement is slight, but it does make the timber more durable. With the proper weather seal, you can use the reclaimed timber shingles as a viable and ecologically friendly roofing solution.

Clay Shingles and Tiles

You may have already considered using a tile roof as a roofing solution. If you have, then using clay may be the ideal option that brings together your roofing choice with an environmentally friendly alternative. Clay tiles that are pre-manufactured last for up to 100 years, and many manufacturers actually offer that time frame as a warranty. Clay offers a durable option that can be stained to any colour you desire and sealed against weather and water conditions.

Green Roof

You may have heard of green roofing solutions and assumed that this referred to the roof being eco-friendly. In some cases, green roof can mean both the style of roof and the eco-friendly rating. A green roof means utilizing the roofing space to grow plants, sustain the area environment, or to use the moss and natural roofing from the surrounding area. Though this isn't an option for everyone, it can be the ideal option for a home located in the country or for a family that gardens and provides their own food and sustainability throughout the year.

Solar Roof Solutions

One of the most common roofing solutions, but one that should be mentioned, is the solar roof option. There is a misconception that this option is a traditional roof with large solar panels attached. The truth is, an increasing number of manufacturers are offering solar shingles that cover your roof in a similar manner as traditional tiles or shingles. The only difference is that each tile or shingle is solar and is working to harness the solar energy to operate your home.

These are just a few of the environmentally friendly options available to you as a roofing solution. If you are interested in finding out if any of these solutions will work for you, contact your roofing contractor (such as Gold Coast Metal Roofing). 


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