DIY Roof Repairs for Homeowners

DIY Roof Repairs for Homeowners

3 Signs You May Need a New Roof for Your Home

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When your home's roof has a big gaping hole in the middle of it, then of course you need to call for repair or replacement. However, a big gaping hole is not the only sign that your roof needs repair or replacement, and knowing the signs of needed repair to your roof can ensure you get those repairs done as quickly as possible. This can keep other building materials from being damaged and keep you from needing more extensive repairs down the road. Note a few of those signs here.

1. When you note musty or mouldy smells from your attic

If you notice musty or mouldy smells in your attic, this may mean that mould is growing along the building materials on the other side of your ceiling. Often this happens when there is a leak in the roof and water gets into the home, and moisture then collects along the building studs, insulation, and drywall. In turn, mould spreads and you notice the smell.

It's good to have a contractor inspect these odours, as mould itself is very dangerous when inhaled, but typically this signals that you need your roof repaired or replaced. There may be leaks in the roofing paper under the tiles that are letting in the moisture, and, in turn, it collects in the attic.

2. If you can see soft spots or bulges in the roof

Soft spots or bulges in the roof typically mean that the materials have gotten soft due to water damage, and, in turn, the roof swells and expands or buckles. A good test is to look at your roof from a distance, such as across the street, so you can see the entire roofline. If you note that certain areas seem to be uneven or there are obvious soft spots, it's time to call a contractor.

3. If your roof is very old

There may not always be obvious signs that your roof need repair or replacement, but if it's very old then the paper underneath the tiles may have become brittle and worn with age, and the shingles themselves may have shrunk or cracked due to weather exposure. If you're not sure of the age of your roof or how long you should expect it to last according to the materials, it might be good to call a contractor to inspect it and note if it needs repair or replacement, or how long you can expect it to last given its current condition.

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