DIY Roof Repairs for Homeowners

DIY Roof Repairs for Homeowners

Why Should a Roofing Contractor Be Biased in Favor of Colorbond Roofing Sheets?

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The use of Colorbond roofing is popular among homeowners and roofing contractors alike. This article discusses why you, as a roofing contractor should have a soft spot for this roofing material.

It is Lightweight

The light nature of Colorbond roofing makes it very easy to design a roof engineering plan. This is because there are no design complications regarding the weight of the roof when it is dry versus when it is wet. The roof weighs the same whether it has rained or the weather is sunny. Consequently, all you have to work out is the slope and support provided by rafters. It is therefore a much easier job for you if you are roofing using this material as compared to using other materials like concrete tiles that weigh more when wet as compared to when they are dry and thus need very sturdy support.

It is Resilient

As a roofing contractor, you will inevitably be called to perform maintenance work on a variety of roofs. Colorbond roofs are the most friendly to do maintenance work on because they are very strong and one can easily walk on them without fearing that they will sustain any damage. This is in contrast to other materials like concrete tiles that can easily be dislodged as a maintenance worker walks on them, resulting in more damage being suffered by the roof.

Ease of Water Collection

Many homeowners consult their roofing contractors on the other benefits of different roofing materials besides protecting the home interior from the elements. Many homeowners are interested in water harvesting since it is eco-friendly and saves on how much they spend on domestic water. Colorbond roofing is very good to recommend to your clients because the homeowner will be able to collect more water from such a roof as opposed to other roofs like tile roofs that absorb a sizable amount of water when it rains. Besides, Colorbond hardly retains any dirt on it so the water collected from such a roof will be cleaner than water collected from another roof (such as a tile roof which retains dirt and all that dirt is washed into the collection tank when it rains).

Colorbond roofing contractors (such as Hindmarsh Roofing) have a lot to benefit from using Colorbond to roof the houses of clients as seen in the discussion above. The material not only allows them to finish the job more quickly, it also allows them to create very strong relationships with their clients since the clients will derive many benefits (such as cleaner water) when they put Colorbond on their roofs.


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